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Here's the place for you to share your thoughts or pictures or whatever you want with everyone. As you will see, thoughts can be about anything, anything at all. And pictures are always most welcome - people, pets, homes, yards, boats, bar b que grill - well, you get the picture. You can share what's going on right now or something in the past that has stayed with you, influenced you, meant a lot to you. So come on! Give us a piece of your mind! This space is just for you.

Random Comments from Classmates

OK, Twin Cronnies had the best foot long hotdog of anywhere in the world.
How many of you ever went inside at Foxy's? I didn't until I took my son
and his family there when they were going to ENMU. Then Bobbie and I went
inside when we were there in June. Guess it's just not the same as having
all your buddies in cars too. Maybe age makes a difference? Nah...

Who remembers the Frito Pies at Johnnie's Drive In? They were sooooooooooo
good. Of course, that really goes back to junior high.

And the Silver Grill? I remember eating there on Sundays after church.
And I also remember modeling clothes there. Anyone else?

And what a shame to lose El Monterey. We tried to eat there last summer,
not realizing it was closed.

As I remember, the zoo wasn't much at that time. Mostly I remember a picnic
park. Now it's really not bad for such a small town. I spent the afternoon
there with my grandkids a couple of times in the past couple of years.

But one of the best memories is dragging main. It's just not the same now
with just one lane.
Phyllis Fulcher

I agree that going inside at Foxy's leaves a lot to be desired. Just not
the same at all! And I forgot all about Johnnie's by the junior high and
the frito pies! They were definitely soooooooooo good! And the Silver
Grill. That was a really cool place. So sad that El Monterrey is gone. My
sister married a guy from Michigan. My parents took them and me to eat
there once for my new brother-in-law's first taste of Mexican food. A
memory that will stay with me forever - how red his face got! I swear I
could almost see steam coming out of his ears! I of course being just a
brat kid laughed and laughed. He being a big tough guy didn't see the
humor! ha ha
Bobbie Burnett

Remember when Pop Echols brought Tommy Sands to Clovis! Was that when we all
gathered outside KCLV on Main and it was cold and the girls were wearing the
in thing - pea coats? I didn't have one, but I remember Jo Martin had one.
They were so cool. And Judy Thomas had her picture taken with Tommy Sands.
She was so cute and everyone hated her! no no only kidding! ha ha I loved her
dearly- but she was soooooo cute!
Bobbie Burnett

I was born in Clovis Memorial, I was a Rainbow girl but I was't in HiAk. .
.couldn't stand the initiation "stuff". I did love dragging Main and our
senior year Tom Pike and I chaperoned Judy and Dean as the Basketball King
and Queen. Hey, Judy, remember Doak's field??? Now there's a bida bida..
K'Aun Kingsley

I was born at Clovis Memorial and can still point out the window where the OB
operating room was mommy told me. My grandpa Jackman would take
me to Snazzy Pig on Saturday nights after he closed the store and we would
have dinner. Great old place back was where people congregated.
We would also go to Woolworth's and have the Blue Plate Special lunches.
Duckworth Drugs was next door to Jackman's for was my introduction
to soda fountains...Rose Drugs (?) was on the corner of Grand and Main across
from both banks....then Roden Smith (Bobbie and Carolyn Cook both worked there
too) had the fountain and Walgreen's opened in the 300 block....Used to go to
the Cattlemen's Association dances with my folks at the Hotel Clovis...and in
its declining years, the lounge at the Hotel Clovis was a great place to
go...always had good music....remember David Emmons (58)...he and his band
were playing there one night when I was home for the holidays (lived in San
Francisco at the time) and always met someone I knew there...I was in Rainbow,
Faith Assembly 25...was Worthy Advisor in 1958-59...Diane Worrell was the
outgoing advisor and I cannot remember who was my Assoc....Jeannine Curry?
How many gals were in Hi-AK? I was Historian Junior year and Jeanne Nobles
was my big sister...still have my vest, paddles and many people
remember the Wildcat Den on 7th Street? We used to square dance there every
Wed and Fri night....Joe Long (57) was a great dancer. Didn't Jimmy Fuller
and Richard Broome go once in awhile?

I remember all the theaters and drive-ins....a couple of the drive ins
had short lives...the Yucca and the LaFonda were the longest followed by
the Comet and then the 4Ln...LaFonda was out on Grady Highway, Yucca on
Portales Hiway, Comet on way to Cannon and the 4Lane was out on mabry?
Remember all the drive-ins....imagine my "you are not in Kansas anymore,
Toto" when I went to San Francisco and there weren't any!

The Sunshine was an independant not managed by the Hardwicks and was the
first to close....the Mesa was off limits for a lot of us...movies came
to State first, then 2nd run at Lyceum and last chance at Mesa. Mesa
closed next when purchased by Norman Petty and remodeled and turned into
a lovely sound stage....Lyceum finally closed and was reopened after
many years ....State was the only one left downtown and the last time I
went to a movie there in 1977 and once again when I came home from
Europe in the early 80's, it had run down and was a shabby sister. The
other theatres at Hilltop had taken over the crowds. My family's store, Jackman's,
was the first merchantile store in Clovis and was the last of a chain of store my
grandfather opened in west Texas and eastern New Mexico. When the stock
crash of "29 occurred, he lost about a million dollars and sold off all
the stores except the one in Clovis. It had been in operation for over
80 years when my dad finally retired. He did that when I finished my
first Master's degree and married Charlie...guess he figured he didn't
need to support me anymore!

How many of you went to Stanfield's Kindergarten? I have a picture
taken at that little school of all the students there when I celebrated
my 5th birthday....or was it 6th....

How many of you climbed and painted the water tower? How many of you
hung over the wall of the railroad bridge underpass on Prince and
painted the side of the bridge? without getting hit by a train....

Challenge: How many of you remember the name of the girl's PE teacher
that hung herself in the Jr High gym and why she did it? Do you
remember the Wildcat Corner in the Clovis News Journal?
Do you remember being forbidden to go out to Midway?

OK OK turn.....guess who has an autographed picture of Roy
Orbison and his band! ( he came to Clovis several times)
Bobbie, remember his guitar player you liked and I liked his drummer, Billy Pat....
They were known as the Teen Kings then. I have several authographs from the "stars" of yesterday.

I loved taquitas at Foxy....Bobbie and I would go there after church
when our parents would let us and order 6.....Martha Sue and I joined Bobbie
and Phyllis at Foxy this summer....inside is a DUMP!!! I liked it better
at 7th and Main. Johnnie's Drive In had the best hamburgers, Coney
Island had the best hot dogs, JD's had the best steak fingers and
gravy. Twin Cronies had the very best , well.....Twin Cronies and onion rings.
Silver Grill was about the only fancy game in town but their food was not
the best. My folks liked the restaurant at the Hotel Clovis too....and the
Dairy Queen across from Marshall, aka Clovis Jr. High, made the best frito
pie....slit a bag of Fritos, dump in chili, cheese and onions (if you
dared) and eat with a spoon! Yum. Diane Worrell and I had to take our
little sisters with us frequently when we drug we made them sit
in the floor of the back seat so no one would see them...My sister
still "reminds!!!" me of that and other things! I also remember two girls who were caught
1. smoking 2. taking midnight rides up the mountain on horseback 3. ditching chapel and
4. getting kicked out of church camp 2 years in a of those
girl's daddy was the head of the church camp....not to mention any names
of course.....and the other girl's mother would have to come back up to
El Porvenir and bring them back to Clovis....this was our reward for having
spent the previous weeks as camp counselors?! Same father caught us
smoking in his study and pulled us out of the midnight previews at the Lyceum
and made us go home.....harumph. Used to "borrow" the We Give S&H Green
Stamps signs from the filling stations and put them in front of the funeral
homes....Some one took the First Christian Church sign and put it in
front of the Gold Lantern Lounge :>)....used to move outhouses to new
locations. Used to purloin watermelons from unsuspecting farmers, leave some at our parents'
houses and take the rest to the orphanges in Portales. Can't remember who it
was that became the target of a rocksalt pellet gun and fell into the
barbed wire fence and irrigation ditch trying to get out of the field :>)
Was it Diane? Or?
Mykell Brewer

Come on everyone!  Show us your stuff!

"Bits & Pieces of our Minds" seemed the perfect page for me
to share a very large piece of my life - my sister's family.
This is Sydney, my sister's granddaughter and
we are all so very proud and grateful to have her with us.
Bobbie Burnett
I always knew our Class was different

The Class of 1959 is unique!

We are the first class to enter the new high school as sophomores and continue through to graduation. All our high school memories are of the new high school. Although all of us remember the old high school, we never attended school there.

The year we graduated, Alaska became a state.

During the years we attended school, James Dean, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens died.

We remember when Foxy's was at 7th and Main.

And we are the only class to ever stage a walkout in the history of Clovis High!

Our class wasn't into drugs, but Jackie Garrison tells the story of two boys she caught behind the building with unusually large cheeks. Suspecting this wasn't a candy break, she chose not to turn them in but instead attempted to engage them in conversation. When their cheeks grew larger and their faces turned green, she knew she had stayed long enough!

And finally, we share a very special bond - forged in that "bubble" world of adolescence. Memories only we understand. Memories that take us back and invariably bring us foward. Memories that bind.

Please write to us and share your own memories.

Hats off to us! We are the Class of '59!

It's show and tell time!

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