Wa-a-ay Back When!

Rock on!

Were we ever really this young!

Who are these children?
Judy Thomas Higgins and Bobbie Bolton Burnett

Still crazy after all these years!

Bobbie Bolton Burnett and Phyllis Fulcher

Love that old time rock and roll!
Oh my gosh! 12? Bobbie's 12th birthday party Jane Cox Floyd, Carolyn Glenn Murphy, Bobbie Bolton Burnett, Charlene Wilhite Weldon, Susan Conway Mathews, Nancy Outland and Norma Frame (both from Amarillo) and K'Aun Hubby Kingsley
Food sure looks good!
Gayle Washburn's birthday party!

Maria Richert Smith, Gayle Washburn, Phyllis Fulcher, Dona Pierce Guy, Carolyn Glenn Murphy, Jerriann Hacker, and Mykell Jackman Brewer
Oscar, don't be so shy!
A girl and a hat

Charlene Wilhite Weldon and Oscar Starbuck
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Remember those piano lessons?

Ruth Jones and Bobbie Bolton Burnett
Coke in a little bottle with peanuts!





Pictures on this page donated by
Phyllis Fulcher and Bobbie Bolton Burnett.

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Wa-a-ay Back When

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